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Million Hearts® – Be one in a Million Hearts

Tue, Jun 2nd 10:13AM

Do you know someone who has had a heart attack or stroke—your father, mother, husband, wife, friend, or colleague? You’re not alone. Heart disease and stroke are the first and fourth leading causes of death in the United States, which means heart disease causes one out of every three deaths in the country. Americans suffer more than 2,000,000 heart attacks and strokes each year, and every day, 2,200 people die from cardiovascular disease. Heart disease and stroke are among the leading causes of disability in our country—keeping more than 3 million people from enjoying the quality of life they’d like.

Million Hearts®, which launched in September 2011, was created to prevent one million heart attacks and strokes over the next five years. This public-private national initiative is bringing together a wide range of heart disease and stroke prevention programs, policies, and activities to raise awareness about what can be done to prevent heart disease and stroke in our nation.

We are all at risk.  People of all ages, genders, races, and ethnicities can have a heart attack or stroke. However, certain groups—African Americans, people between the ages of 40 and 60, and women—are at higher risk. But many of the people who are at high risk for heart attack or stroke don't know it. Each of us can take steps to achieve the goal of preventing 1 million heart attacks and strokes in the next five years.

Be one in a Million Hearts® by taking the pledge to:

  • Prevent heart disease and stroke in your family by understanding the risks
  • Get up and get active by exercising for 30 minutes on most days of the week
  • Know your ABCS: Appropriate Aspirin Therapy, Blood Pressure Control, Cholesterol Management, and Smoking Cessation
  • Stay strong by eating a heart-healthy diet that is high in fresh fruits and vegetables and low in sodium, saturated and trans fats, and cholesterol
  • Take control of your heart health by following your doctor’s instructions for medications and treatment

Will you be one in a Million Hearts®? Visit http://millionhearts.hhs.gov to take the pledge to save a heart today then visit your local Tulsa area YMCA and request a FREE blood pressure check from your Healthy Living Fitness staff. For more information please email me at ddouthit@ymcatulsa.org.