Swim Lessons
YMCA swimming lessons are available for everyone ages 3 and older. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced group lessons are designed to improve ability and confidence in the water. Also available are private individual lessons and lessons for parents and children together. 

Parent/Child Swim Lessons
Our Parent/Child Aquatic Program promotes water enrichment and aquatic readiness activities for children and their parents or other trusted adult. No previous swimming experience is necessary. Swim classes are held in the leisure pool, which has an average water temperature of 84° and depth of zero to four feet. 

Parent/Child Swim Lessons for Children 6-36 Months
This 30-minute class is for children and their parents to both become comfortable in the water together. The child will become aware of the differences between moving through water and on dry land, while the parent learns how to teach the child to be safe in and around the water.

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