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Water Exercise

Water Exercise

Come on in, the water's fine! Adults looking to challenge themselves without stress on their joints or members who just enjoy the water can take advantage of our different water aerobic classes. Gain muscle conditioning and cardiovascular endurance from the aeorobic choreography and the resistance of the water. Ideal for all fitness levels & non-swimmers. Water Exercise classes are FREE for Y members!


The YMCA of Greater Tulsa's water exercise classes include: 

Aqua Aerobics: Come one, come all. This aerobically-based class features a variety of water exercises designed to get the heart pumping, while using an array of equipment for strength and toning. 

Aqua Therapy: A class for all participants that may require more care and attention specifically those struggling with chronic conditions, bouncing back after accident or surgery, or those suffering from chronic pain. Join us in the water as we recondition, strengthen and reshape the body into its best version.  

Hinges and Twinges: Need a good stretch or working out the common aches and pains? This aquatic program, using exercise variety, is taught at a lower intensity level to focus on reconditioning the body, and help reduce pain and stiffness while increasing range of motion in the joints.  

Water Basketball: Basketball taken to the pool - come Hoop it Up with us in the pool.  Self-paced games and shooting. 

Water Volleyball: Volleyball taken to the pool - This fun and playful workout is just what it sounds like - you can jump, dive, dig, and set your way into a very community oriented self-paced workout. 

Aqua Bootcamp: This aerobically intense water class blends circuit training formats and a variety of equipment to form one calorie blasting workout. This class offers higher impact and power to train at more challenging levels.  

Aqua Tabata: A moderate to high-intensity interval training class in the water. Participants use maximal effort for 20 seconds and active recovery for 10 seconds for eight rounds. This class is set so you can work at YOUR own maximum effort so that all levels can benefit.  

Aqua Zumba: Blend the Zumba philosophy with water resistance for one pool party you shouldn't miss! There is a lower joint impact in this class so you can let loose. The added resistance of the water gets the heart pumping and strengthens the muscles.  

Aqua Performance Training: Receive maximum benefits in minimal time. Come train like the athletes do! This 45-minute supramaximal circuit style training will improve speed, agility, and strength by using the resistance of the water to amplify training intensities while offering less impact to the joints. This periodized workout will keep the body guessing and conquering.   

Lap Swimming

Lanes are first come, first served. Lap Swim is designed to be a workout, so we ask swimmers to share lanes and circle swim during their time in the pool. Please be courteous to your fellow swimmers, so everyone can enjoy the workout. Swimmers must be doing continuous laps during Lap Swim times. 

Resistance channels can be used at our Tandy, Hutcherson, and Owasso branches.