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Come to Dickenson and you will frequently see iron girls, sprint 8 groups training with trainers plus our awesome trainers changing lives everyday! Just take a look at Lori, Andrew & Angel! Lori and Andrew not only wore the same shirt coincidentally but also are iron girls trainers. They were training while Angel's 4:30pm iron girls were getting stronger.

Let us change your life and step-up your fitness plan! The Dickenson YMCA has many incredible personal trainers who can help you achieve your goals. Come see us to read more about each one and let us introduce you!

Do you think you have to fit to start a personal training journey? No way!  The best time to start is now.  Whether you are thinking about fitness, just starting your journey, have hit a plateau or want to go to a new level – personal training is the best option.  We have many choices of trainers to best fit you.  Contact Aubrey at aringleb@ymcatulsa.org for more information or stop by the front desk.