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Youth Sports

At the Y, we focus on Skills & Abilities, Character Development, and FUN. We believe that Youth Sports is the backbone of establishing a well-rounded child.
Our sports programs place priority on teamwork, family involvement and self-discipline through healthy competition focused on the value of participation over winning. Parents are encouraged to be more than spectators by contributing their time as volunteer coaches & team parents, as well as being their athlete's number one fan!
Basketball (Year-round, ages 3-14) Register HERE
Soccer (Spring and Fall, ages 3-12)
T-Ball (Spring and Fall, ages 3-6)
Volleyball (Spring, Summer and Fall, ages 8-14) Register HERE
Tae Kwon Do/Karate (all ages, youth to adult)

Youth Sports Coaching

Coaches are the heart of Y youth sports. We could not do it without volunteer coaches!
All YMCA coaches must complete:
• Volunteer application
• Volunteer background check
• YMCA coaches' training
• YMCA safety
To begin the volunteer coach process, please visit our Volunteer Page.
A youth sports program is only as strong as its volunteer coaches and that is why we want you to have all the tools you need for your season. We provide manuals that include multiple practice plans including drills, team circles and fitness components.
For additional resources, check out the YMCA training website, where there are multiple sports-specific trainings are available.
Sports-Specific Coaches’ Manuals: Each coach is provided a volunteer manual that is a sport- and age-specific guide for practices, including warm-up, fitness components, skills and drills, games and play, and team circles. The coaches’ manuals for our current season can be found in the Coach’s Corner section of any branch’s YGameTime website.